The Lakes and Craters Holiday Park is uniquely set within the Camperdown Botanical Gardens and Arboretum in one of the biggest park reserves in Victoria. The land was reserved in 1869 with work being carried out by Daniel Bunce from 1870, in 1888 improvements were made under the guidance of William Guilfoyle (architect of the famous Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens) The Gardens and Arboretum feature three species of trees on the Significant Tree Registry – The African Holly (included on the World Rare and Endangered list) , an avenue of Linden trees and Himalayan Oaks. The impressive canopy also includes Elms, Cedars and Pines from around the world. These magnificent gardens are perched above the two volcanic crater lakes of Lake Bullen Merri and Lake Gnotuk and are a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic or BBQ (free electric) with your friends and family.